Let’s face it, although Weebly has created a great platform from which average Joes and experienced web veterans alike can appreciate; they have also left some room for improvement.

Here are some FAQs about FixingWeebly and what we’re all about.

Weebly is a web-hosting service that allows the user to “drag-and-drop” while using their website builder. (Wikipedia, 2014)
Although Weebly is an affordable tool for creating your own personal or professional website, its platform has, some would say severe, limitations. Due to these limitations, developers and designers alike are forced to devise creative solutions to address these issues – causing a need for fixes.
Since 2012, web designer/developer and the chief content creator for FixingWeebly, Devin Woolery, has been working with Weebly for clients. After joining discussions on the now defunct WeeblyForums website, offering fixes and general Weebly help, he saw a need to create a site dedicated to addressing many of the issues common to Weebly users. From introductory lessons on setting up a Weebly site to complete custom theme development, FixingWeebly has been constructed to allow Weebly users create better looking sites with all of the flexibility the platform will allow.
No. Unfortunately Weebly isn’t great at everything. FixingWeebly was built with the need for flexibility and reliability on both the client-side (your browser) and server-side of development.
Nope. Although we at FixingWeebly enjoy Weebly’s website builder service, we are not associated with Weebly, Inc. or any members of its development team.
At FixingWeebly we are dedicated to solving recurring and common problems on the Weebly platform through tips & tricks and snippets of code that can take the form of a simple CSS fix or a completely customized Weebly widget.
Although a basic understanding of HTML/CSS can get you a lot further into customizing your Weebly site, most articles found in the Tips & Tricks section have been created with a 3rd-grade reading level as a pre-requisite. The Get Code section of FixingWeebly is based on a basic understanding of adding HTML and CSS to your Weebly website.
The Tips & Tricks section consists of articles hinged on maximizing Weebly’s built-in features to create a more pleasant user experience and reduce developers’ build time. There are also articles for more advanced users wanting to take on more of the control of their Weebly site.
The Get Code section provides bits of code to make your Weebly site feel even more customized. The Get Code section also serves as a marketplace for some of our Weebly-optimized plugins.
Some web designers/developers live by a mantra of “Eat. Code/Design. Sleep.” Unfortunately two of those three cost money. By selling advertising space, bits of code and plugins we are able to help offset the cost of development and hosting and still feed our families.
Feedback is the backbone of FixingWeebly. Without knowing how you are using Weebly and the problems that you are running into, it is difficult to write relevant articles that touch on the areas that you need help with. To get in touch with us, please Contact FixingWeebly.
Most definitely! Please contact us and we will get you more information our theme development process.
We would be happy to create your site for you. Please contact us and we will get you more information our website development process.

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